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RedONE Roaming Deposit

If you have been a redONE customer for more than 6 months, you are not required to do any additional registration or subscription. Just call 1909 to activate your Roaming service before you travel abroad.

If you are a new customer (less than 6 months) then you may need to pay an additional RM300 deposit to activate your roaming service. This is refundable. This deposit can be waived if you ported (MNP) your Postpaid number from another network, and you had roaming previously. Corporate customers also do not need to put a deposit, if you provide us with a Letter Of Authorization (LOA) from your company.

redONE Setting Android Internet

Bagi pengguna baru @  pengguna handphone baru, sekiranya anda tidak SAVE sms yang diterima, anda boleh set secara manual setting untuk dapatkan internet. Gambar dibawah adalah cara setting untuk android base

Selamat mencuba

MNP Maxis Ke redONE

Sekiranya anda MNP dari maxis/hotlink, anda kana menerima sms seperti berikut

Anda perlulah reply YES untuk membolehkan MNP dilakukan. Sekiranya anda tidak reply, nombor anda tidak akan direlease oleh maxis untuk berpindah ke redONE